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The brand new generation of Beyma compression drivers includes encompasses 2 throat sizes, 4 voice coil diameters, 3 diaphragm materials and 2 magnet types resulting in 12 new models to choose from and include in our catalogue.

The new series of devices is available with 3-inch and 2.5-inch voice coil diameters for 1.4-inch output diameters, and also includes 1.75-inch and 1.5-inch voice coil diameters for the 1-inch output.

The available diaphragm materials are: Titanium, High Temperature Polymer and Advanced Polyester. They provide different nuances and characteristics that will certainly help system designers achieve their goal through different response in SPL, timbre and sonic properties depending on the kind of application or acoustic targets.

The current drivers include the new and innovative VPEQ and DEPLOCEX technologies (patents pending) that allow drivers to provide more SPL, more linearity and better transient response while minimizing old problems like resonances or power compression losses.

Other common features in this new series are the copper shorting cap that helps to extend and linearize the frequency response, the kapton former and copper clad aluminum coils, in-house designed optimized diaphragms, phase plugs and a much higher power to size ratio.

The result is a state-of-the-art set of high frequency transducers that combined result in infinite possibilities for your system designs.


Improved thermal dissipation for compression drivers


The sophisticated Titanium diaphragm features a mathematically optimized geometric pattern that improves system linearity and efficiency while eliminating unwanted resonances.

The use of the new VPEQ technology together with the computer optimization of the compression chamber results in an optimized geometry to linearize the response in certain frequencies and achieve the best sonic properties.


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